Livres de France

Titre : Livres de France
Auteur :
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015079740448
Libération : 1995

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Livres de France Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Beautiful Bastard

Titre : Beautiful Bastard
Auteur : Christina Lauren
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781476730103
Libération : 2013-02-12

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An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling. Whip-smart, hardworking, and on her way to an MBA, Chloe Mills has only one problem: her boss, Bennett Ryan. He’s exacting, blunt, inconsiderate—and completely irresistible. A Beautiful Bastard. Bennett has returned to Chicago from France to take a vital role in his family’s massive media business. He never expected that the assistant who’d been helping him from abroad was the gorgeous, innocently provocative—completely infuriating—creature he now has to see every day. Despite the rumors, he’s never been one for a workplace hookup. But Chloe’s so tempting he’s willing to bend the rules—or outright smash them—if it means he can have her. All over the office As their appetites for one another increase to a breaking point, Bennett and Chloe must decide exactly what they’re willing to lose in order to win each other. Originally only available online as The Office by tby789—and garnering over 2 million reads on fanfiction sites—Beautiful Bastard has been extensively updated for re-release.


Titre : Confess
Auteur : Colleen Hoover
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781476791456
Libération : 2015-03-10

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Fighting to rebuild her life after shattering losses, Auburn Reed is unexpectedly attracted to an enigmatic artist only to discover that the object of her affections is hiding threatening secrets from his past. By the #1 New York Times best-selling author of Slammed. Original.

Roderick Random 1742

Titre : Roderick Random 1742
Auteur : Tobias George Smollett
Éditeur : Pomona Press
ISBN-13 : 9781406790115
Libération : 2007-01-01

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Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pomona Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The King s Daughter

Titre : The King s Daughter
Auteur : Suzanne Martel
Éditeur : Groundwood Books Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781554982189
Libération : 1994-01-01

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Winner of the Ruth Schwartz Award Jeanne Chatel has always dreamed of adventure. So when the eighteen-year-old orphan is summoned to sail from France to the wilds of North America to become a king's daughter and marry a French settler, she doesn't hesitate. Her new husband is not the dashing military man she has dreamed of, but a trapper with two small children who lives in a small cabin in the woods. With her husband away trapping much of the time, Jeanne faces danger daily, but the bravery and spirit that brought her to this wild place never fail her, and she soon learns to be truly at home in her new land.

Symbolic wounds

Titre : Symbolic wounds
Auteur : Bruno Bettelheim
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105001907307
Libération : 1962

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Bettelheim presents an account of his examination of initiation rites in present-day pre-literate societies and suggests that circumcision and related rituals may be the expression of male fascination with, and jealousy of, female sex apparatus and function. Broadly evaluating prevailing notions regarding puberty rites, Bettelheim describes ceremonies among different tribes--such as ritual subincision among the Arunta, transvestism among the African Changa, and many other customs--and also relates many myths that accompany the rituals.

The Facetious Nights of Straparola

Titre : The Facetious Nights of Straparola
Auteur : Giovanni Francesco Straparola
Éditeur : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-13 : 1519188722
Libération : 2015-11-08

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Giovanni Francesco Straparola (1480 - 1557) was an Italian writer and fairy tale collector. He has been termed the progenitor of the literary form of the fairy tale. Straparola's main work is The Facetious Nights of Straparola (Le piacevoli notti, published 1550-1555), a collection of 75 stories. Modelled on Decamerone, it has participants of a 13-night party in the island of Murano, near Venice, tell each other stories that vary from bawdy to fantastic. It contains the first known written versions of many fairy tales.

The Straight Mind and Other Essays

Titre : The Straight Mind and Other Essays
Auteur : Monique Wittig
Éditeur : Beacon Press
ISBN-13 : 0807079170
Libération : 1992

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Presents a collection of nine political and philosophical essays by the controversial feminist theorist and founder of the modern French women's movement


Titre : Firebrand
Auteur : Kristen Britain
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780575099746
Libération : 2017-03-02

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Karigan G'ladheon's adventure continues in the much-anticipated sixth installment in the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series. Green Rider Karigan G'ladheon, not yet recovered in heart or mind from her unexpected trip through time, is assigned a new mission. She must seek out the legendary creatures called p'ehdrosian to renew an alliance of old in the face of dire threats from enemies who seek to destroy Sacoridia using dark magic. Each step on her journey northward grows more perilous as she faces attacks from groundmites, encounters with ghosts, and, ultimately, the threat of the necromancer and leader of Second Empire, Grandmother, as they approach the enemy encampment in the Lone Forest. Meanwhile, King Zachary of Sacoridia has been kidnapped by an ice elemental who is allied with Second Empire. Can Karigan free her king from captivity with just two allies by her side?

Materials thermochemistry

Titre : Materials thermochemistry
Auteur : Oswald Kubaschewski
Éditeur : Pergamon
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015026857436
Libération : 1993

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Materials Thermochemistry, the 6th Edition of Metallurgical Thermochemistry, aims to demonstrate the central role of thermochemistry in the understanding and designing of materials and materials processes. Extensively revised and up-dated, the 6th Edition of this classic work includes all the latest developments in experimental methods, new methods for estimating thermochemical data for both pure and alloy substances, new practical applications of thermochemical calculations, and up-dated tables of critically evaluated thermochemical data for inorganic substances and binary alloy systems. The basic principles of chemical thermodynamics are presented in a straightforward way with many examples of the use of thermochemical calculations in solving a variety of materials' problems. Although thermodynamics is an established field, this 6th Edition presents the newest experimental methods and calculations of complex equilibria associated with the most recent materials and environmental considerations (e.g. environmental pollution). This text is suitable for graduates and undergraduates alike and provides basic information necessary for researchers to apply thermochemical principles and data to the optimization of materials and materials processes.