L art de la guerre digitale

Titre : L art de la guerre digitale
Auteur : Caroline Faillet
Éditeur : Dunod
ISBN-13 : 9782100751327
Libération : 2016-05-18

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Dans le monde post-révolution numérique, les internautes sont armés de nouveaux moyens qui dissolvent les techniques traditionnelles du marketing, de la communication, du lobbying. Capables de ruiner des réputations, de mettre en péril des filières, de redistribuer les pouvoirs entre citoyens, médias, scientifiques, politiques..., les consommateurs augmentés du web 3.0 deviennent de sérieux adversaires. Aux entreprises de redéfinir leur stratégie, leur business model, leur approche du consommateur, pour remporter cette guerre insidieuse, en usant de ruse, de connaissance intime du terrain et de soft power à la manière des « nouveaux barbares » (Netflix, AirBnB, Tesla, Uber...). L’auteur revisite ainsi les préceptes des grands stratèges pour démontrer comment une organisation peut survivre, voire dominer, à l’ère digitale. Elle alerte sur les dangers et enjeux de la guerre économique et idéologique à l’ère du web 3.0 et partage son savoir-faire en s’appuyant sur des anecdotes personnelles, des cas concrets (Aviva, Free, General Electric, Isover, Leroy Merlin, LinkedIn, Nestlé, SNCF...) et des éléments de méthode.

The Jewel of the Kalderash

Titre : The Jewel of the Kalderash
Auteur : Marie Rutkoski
Éditeur : Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
ISBN-13 : 9781429969949
Libération : 2011-10-25

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Upon arriving in the Romany homeland to deliver the Mercator Globes, Petra Kronos, Tomik, and Neel formulate a plan to save Petra's father, who has been transformed into a Gray Man. But when a long-held secret is revealed, Neel finds himself bound to his country. The friends are quickly swept up in an epic battle for power. Thrones are at stake. Spies are afoot. Murder is common. Worst of all, Prince Rodolfo is close to becoming emperor, and ruling half of Europe. How much is Petra willing to sacrifice to defend the people she loves? Her search for answers will take her to castles and cities, through mountains, and even underwater as she tests her strength and gambles her life.

Radical Marketing

Titre : Radical Marketing
Auteur : Sam Hill
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 9780887309793
Libération : 2000-02-16

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How did the Grateful Dead use its fanatical following to build a $100 millionbrand that still thrives today? How did upstart Boston Beer Company--makers of Sam Adams--prevail over rival Anheuser-Busch without an advertising budget? And how did lams create the premium pet food market and leap from $16 million to $600 million in sales in just fifteen years, while charging twice the price of competitor Ralston-Purina? The answer: radical marketing. In this fresh, provocative book, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin identify the mar-keting strategies that have enabled ten innovative companies to emerge asindustry leaders. What do these organizations have in common? Each is intune emotionally with its customer base, allowing them to glean superior marketing insight without spending millions of dollars. Each is more focused on the big picture--growth and expansion--rather than short-term profits. And,despite their current success, each started out with little more than a passion for their product. Engrossing, informative, and invaluable, Radical Marketing demonstrates how any company, large or small, can achieve unprecedented success through inventive and revolutionary tactics.

Inside Apple

Titre : Inside Apple
Auteur : Adam Lashinsky
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9781455512171
Libération : 2012-01-25

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INSIDE APPLE reveals the secret systems, tactics and leadership strategies that allowed Steve Jobs and his company to churn out hit after hit and inspire a cult-like following for its products. If Apple is Silicon Valley's answer to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, then author Adam Lashinsky provides readers with a golden ticket to step inside. In this primer on leadership and innovation, the author will introduce readers to concepts like the "DRI" (Apple's practice of assigning a Directly Responsible Individual to every task) and the Top 100 (an annual ritual in which 100 up-and-coming executives are tapped a la Skull & Bones for a secret retreat with company founder Steve Jobs). Based on numerous interviews, the book offers exclusive new information about how Apple innovates, deals with its suppliers and is handling the transition into the Post Jobs Era. Lashinsky, a Senior Editor at Large for Fortune, knows the subject cold: In a 2008 cover story for the magazine entitled The Genius Behind Steve: Could Operations Whiz Tim Cook Run The Company Someday he predicted that Tim Cook, then an unknown, would eventually succeed Steve Jobs as CEO. While Inside Apple is ostensibly a deep dive into one, unique company (and its ecosystem of suppliers, investors, employees and competitors), the lessons about Jobs, leadership, product design and marketing are universal. They should appeal to anyone hoping to bring some of that Apple magic to their own company, career, or creative endeavor.

Global Shift

Titre : Global Shift
Auteur : Peter Dicken
Éditeur : Guilford Publications
ISBN-13 : 9781462519552
Libération : 2015-02-10

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The definitive text on globalization, this book provides an accessible, jargon-free analysis of how the world economy works and its effects on people and places. Peter Dicken synthesizes the latest ideas and empirical data to blaze a clear path through the thicket of globalization processes and debates. The book highlights the dynamic interactions among transnational corporations, nations, and other key players, and their role in shaping the uneven contours of development. Mapping the changing centers of gravity of the global economy, Dicken presents in-depth case studies of six major industries. Now in full color throughout, the text features 228 figures. Companion websites for students and instructors offer extensive supplemental resources, including author videos, applied case studies with questions, lecture notes with PowerPoint slides, discipline-specific suggested further reading for each chapter, and interactive flashcards. New to This Edition: *Every chapter thoroughly revised and updated. *All 228 figures (now in color) are new or redesigned. *Addresses the ongoing fallout from the recent global financial crisis. *Discussions of timely topics: tax avoidance and corporate social responsibility; global problems of unemployment, poverty, and inequality; environmental degradation; the Eurozone crisis; and more. *Enhanced online resources for instructors and students.

Handbook on the Digital Creative Economy

Titre : Handbook on the Digital Creative Economy
Auteur : Christian Handke
Éditeur : Edward Elgar Pub
ISBN-13 : 1781004862
Libération : 2014-02-01

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Digital technologies have transformed the way many creative works are generated, disseminated and used. They have made cultural products more accessible, challenged established business models and the copyright system, and blurred the boundary between producers and consumers. This unique resource presents an up-to-date overview of academic research on the impact of digitization in the creative sector of the economy. In 37 chapters, this coherent volume brings together contributions by experts on many aspects of digitization in the creative industries. With its interdisciplinary approach and detailed studies of digitization in the arts, media and cultural industries, the Handbook provides accessible material for a range of courses. It will be thought-provoking reading for academics, researchers, students and policy-makers interested in progress in the creative economy.

The Retreat

Titre : The Retreat
Auteur : Patrick Rambaud
Éditeur : Grove Press
ISBN-13 : 0802142656
Libération : 2006-05

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The sequel to The Battle, winner of the Priz Goncourt, continues the story of the Napoleonic Wars with the demoralized, exhausted, and much diminished French army in September 1812 at the gates of Moscow as Napoleon and his forces confront their most brutal challenge amid the cold and starvation of the Russian winter. Reprint.

Mapping Cyberspace

Titre : Mapping Cyberspace
Auteur : Martin Dodge
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781134638994
Libération : 2003-09-02

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Mapping Cyberspace is a ground-breaking geographic exploration and critical reading of cyberspace, and information and communication technologies. The book: * provides an understanding of what cyberspace looks like and the social interactions that occur there * explores the impacts of cyberspace, and information and communication technologies, on cultural, political and economic relations * charts the spatial forms of virutal spaces * details empirical research and examines a wide variety of maps and spatialisations of cyberspace and the information society * has a related website at http://www.MappingCyberspace.com. This book will be a valuable addition to the growing body of literature on cyberspace and what it means for the future.

Introduction to Public Librarianship

Titre : Introduction to Public Librarianship
Auteur : Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Éditeur : Neal Schuman Pub
ISBN-13 : 1555706975
Libération : 2011

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This second edition has been revised and updated to provide both professionals and LIS students with the most current and comprehensive introduction to public librarianship. The author covers every aspect of the public library, from its earliest history to its current incarnation in the 21st century.

Thomas Bayrle

Titre : Thomas Bayrle
Auteur : Thomas Bayrle
Éditeur : Walther Konig
ISBN-13 : 3863353374
Libération : 2013

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All-in-One represents a first attempt at offering an overview of Thomas Bayrle's multifaceted practice, from his first kinetic machines to the recent engine installations.Amply illustrated, the catalogue highlights not only the serigraphies and super-images Bayrle is perhaps best known for, but also his sculptures, his early work as a graphic designer and publisher (included is an illustrated bibliography of all of Bayrle's artist books), his videos, as well as samples from his own texts (excerpts from his San Francisco Diary of 1981, reprinted here for the first time) and from his dabblings in concrete poetry.Holding together this expansive approach are the concerns that have always animated his work: consumerism and consumer society, political propaganda, weaves and patterns, movement, sexuality, and religion.Published on the occasion of the exhibition at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, 9 February - 12 May 2013.