Holy Doodles

Titre : Holy Doodles
Auteur : Trey Everett
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1480094668
Libération : 2012-12-18

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This is a book of cartoons....but, it's also a book about contemplating deep issues. Holy Doodles volume 2 is designed to be thoughtful, introspective, and challenging. Hopefully your mind will be stretched just enough to cause you to think more deeply about your life with God. Each image I've chosen for volume 2 came to mind from meditating on Scripture passages, books, past events, conversations with friends and family, and from simply trying to be attentive to God in my everyday life. Following each drawing is a short paragraph about the drawing itself along with a few questions to ponder and discuss. There are no "right " answers. The goal, which is extremely difficult , is to be truly honest with who you are and what you believe. This, I believe, is what God is interested in, the real you, not some pretend you who always gives the correct answer. My hope is that Holy Doodles, Cartoons to Contemplate volume 2 will be a creative encouragement in you wonderful life.Each image comes with a commentary and discussion questions. Books can be used in small group settings, retreats, and for personal devotions. Instructions on how to use the book in a group setting as well as suggestions for individual contemplation are included.


Titre : Swimming
Auteur : Nicola Keegan
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781448104314
Libération : 2012-10-31

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For Pip, swimming is a necessity. With a hopeless mother, a drug-addled sister and a best friend more interested in her own love-life than in friendship, swimming provides a welcome escape. But as Olympic stardom beckons, Pip must decide whether her future lies in the water or on land. Swimming is a novel about growing up, about talent, and about having what it takes to survive.

The Whispering Tree

Titre : The Whispering Tree
Auteur : Chris Francis
Éditeur : Lulu.com
ISBN-13 : 9781312903265
Libération : 2015-02-27

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The Ogre-Beast showed the town of Red Apple Creek that being different was cool. He taught me to be proud of who I was. He changed my life. But the Mayor decided to lock him up in a cage. Who does that to a beautiful creature? Our fourth grade class went to visit him along Glarington River, and all I wanted to do was cry. When I happened to see a legendary Whispering Tree floating by, I decided to jump off the ferry boat and escape. I just didn't want to be on that stupid field trip anymore. However, when I climbed onto the trunk of the giant tree, I had no clue I was about to go on the strangest, most heroic journey of my life.

Mystical Puzzle

Titre : Mystical Puzzle
Auteur : Tanya Ebert
Éditeur : Lulu.com
ISBN-13 : 9780557547722
Libération : 2010-08

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On 9/11/2008, Tanya Ebert arrived in Sedona, Arizona, completely shattered and ready to give up on life. Upon returning home, and falling asleep, she was startled when she awakened. The person who awoke, was not Tanya. The eternal bliss she felt was nothing she had ever experienced before. Through a journey of self discovery, it was indeed revealed, the person who stepped out of bed, was without a doubt, not the same person who went to bed. She frantically looked all over her home for "Tanya" and could not find her. Tanya embarked on a magical journey looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle; and to find out who or what she really was. Trying to explain it to those around her seemed impossible when she had no idea what was happening herself. Join her on an unexpected, yet challenging, extraordinary, instantaneous awakening, of a world she never knew existed. She was not looking for it. It found her! If it happened to her ....... Visit Tanya's website, www.mysticalpuzzle.com, or order it here.

Doodles in Depression

Titre : Doodles in Depression
Auteur : Lorna Naomi Murray
Éditeur : Chipmunkapublishing ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781847471598
Libération : 2011-06-01

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Description'Doodles in Depression' is Lorna Murray's attempt to make sense of her clinical depression. This thoroughly researched, yet gloriously random and spontaneous book delves into Lorna's mind as she 'comes out' as a depressive and attempts to bring herself out of her depression. This is a book that will make sense and possibly bring comfort to fellow sufferers of clinical depression. About the AuthorLorna was born in 1965 in Cape Town, South Africa - the city of sunny skies, briaavleis and chevrolet! Lorna grew up and attended school in South Africa before training as a general nurse and midwife. In 1988 she left South Africa for the bright lights of Europe, she travelled overland through Africa and Europe. In 1990 Lorna arrived in London (where 16 years later she is still living. At first she eked out an existence doing anything and everything before attended Central Saint Martin's School of Art & design. In 1997 she graduated with a 1st class honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. However she struggled as a painter, developed severe depression and had a breakdown. In 2000 Lorna retrained as an anaesthetic nurse and is currently working in the NHS.

Christine of the Young Heart

Titre : Christine of the Young Heart
Auteur : Louise Breitenbach Clancy
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : OSU:32435053956439
Libération : 1920

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Louise Breitenbach Clancy A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Christine of the Young Heart Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Buddha Doodles Imagine the Possibilities

Titre : Buddha Doodles Imagine the Possibilities
Auteur : Molly Hahn
Éditeur : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN-13 : 9781449474621
Libération : 2016-01-05

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With simple, whimsical drawings and simple, profound truths, Buddha Doodles celebrates the amazing possibilities of the divine light within us all. These inspiring messages, little doodles, and feel-good sayings can help you get in-tune while you meditate or inspire you toward mindfulness.

Holy Flab

Titre : Holy Flab
Auteur : Adrienne Miller
Éditeur : Xulon Press
ISBN-13 : 9781600343711
Libération : 2006-07-01

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Adrienne Miller A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Holy Flab Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Daily Zen Doodles

Titre : Daily Zen Doodles
Auteur :
Éditeur : Ulysses Press
ISBN-13 : 9781612433783
Libération : 2014-09-22

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A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Daily Zen Doodles Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Yankee Doodles

Titre : Yankee Doodles
Auteur : Phil Pepe
Éditeur : Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-13 : 9781613217856
Libération : 2015-04-07

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Phil Pepe spent years as the New York Daily News Yankee beat reporter, rubbing shoulders with countless Yankee greats, from Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra to Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. While he was there to report on the action that occurred on the field, as well as the many disruptions occurring in the locker room—especially during the tumultuous seventies when Billy Martin and the “Boss” were constantly at one another’s throats—that directly affected the team’s performance on the field, Pepe also saw a world that never made the papers. Yankee Doodles humanizes the legends we have come to love and worship. We get to know the players as Pepe did, once the lights and cameras were turned off. For instance, Pepe recounts the story of Jackson’s miraculous three homerun World Series game when, in his exhilaration, Jackson literally gave Pepe the pants off his butt! This simple story shows a side of Reggie Jackson—a Yankees superstar—that reminds us that these men are often nothing more than boys playing a game they love. Other favorites include the time Pepe went shopping with Berra, who was looking for a birthday present for his wife; the day Yankees pitchers Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swapped wives, children, homes and even pet dogs; when Mantle graciously paid for a stranger’s dinner; and so much more! This book offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse at some of the greatest Yankee heroes. It is a must-read for Yankee fans and baseball lovers alike!